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Weight loss and nutrition at Revive is meant to be simple and complete. Talk to me about your struggles. I’ve helped hundreds of clients lose weight, and I’ve struggled with it myself. It’s why I’m here to work with you today. 

There is absolutely no judgment at Revive Nutrition. I’m very clear about this! You’re here. Let’s start and help you identify your goals, put actions in place to work toward those and, ultimately, achieve them! That’s the fun part. 

Weight loss doesn’t have to be about the number on the scale. In fact, most of the time it’s not. It’s about feeling confident, about doing the things you enjoy, and making nutrition such a natural part of your life that it becomes just a habit you forget you have.

Weight Loss & Nutrition services

My Coaching Isn’t Focused on Fads. It’s Personal And Effective.

1:1 Virtual Weight Loss Coach

Every client program begins with a 60-minute call where you have full permission to show up as you are. Tell me your struggles with weight loss, what you've tried and what got you to where you are now. You’re busy, so we’re going to make the most of our time together. 

After your first call, I recommend we meet weekly for 30-45 minute check-ins, discuss what’s going well or what’s coming up next week that you want to prepare for, answer any of your questions and more.

Movement is important for a host of reasons. On top of exploring types of exercise you enjoy, movement contributes to creating a calorie deficit, a more positive mental health outlook and glycemic control. It’s not a punishment around here!

the movement

Just looking at your diet isn't enough. We will also explore other health habits like stress management, sleep and social triggers that might be standing in your way towards success.

the habits

We will establish a weekly plan that takes into account your food preferences, schedule and cooking skills, while also making sure your eating routine is timed right and with the proper food groups.

The food

My Approach To Weight Loss Nutrition

We won’t be able to focus on diet, exercise and potential weight loss while the rest of your body is in chaos. We’ll cover tools for stress management, self-talk and sleep hygiene as part of this essential behavior-change phase.

lifestyle reset

We look at how you're exercising at baseline - spin, yoga, weights, whatever - and make sure it holds balance. Not working out? All good! I have you covered with a 'Workout Worksheet' to get you started and my 'Holy Grail’ Exercise Tip Sheet to help you stay there.

find your movement

Gone are the days of staring blankly at your grocery shopping list trying to plan what to eat. Goodbye food paralysis! I'll show you how to prioritize certain food groups for hormone and blood sugar control that will promote more energy and weight loss.

Glycemic meal plan

We focus less on eating the 'right' foods and arbitrary cut off times. I will get you back to the basics of eating. I'm talking nutrition 101: macro-level overview and timing to avoid those blinding hunger pitfalls while promoting fullness.

forget food rules

The Process - How To Lose Weight Healthily

reform in four

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Are you a go-getter that needs a bit of structure and maybe a roadmap? Say no more, fam. Add to your weight loss and nutrition toolbox these helpful DIY wellness guides to lose weight safely.

Sample Meal Plans
The Nutrition Bundle
  • Recipe Resource Guide, Kick Starter and more 
The Lifestyle Bundle
  • Workout Worksheet, Sleep Hygiene and Exercise Tip Sheet
30+ Page Revive E-Book 
  • Includes Bundle materials  + 15 breakfast and snack ideas, recipes and more

diy downloads


In the almost year I’ve worked with Kim, she has helped me to build intuitive healthy habits with an autonomous choice mentality rather than restrictive method.  She immediately got in the boat with me to row towards my goals of feeling healthier and more energized, never focusing on the counting and weighing that had been so damaging to my mental and physical health in the past.

"I don’t know how people operate in this crazy food world without Kim to help them."


Kim really listened to what I needed. I told her that because of my busy life, I needed simplicity, fewer choices, low-effort meals, and she reflected that in everything she suggested. That hasn't been my experience with others. I couldn't recommend her more highly." 

"Kim didn't just take a templated approach to her time with me."


Kim was incredible to work with. She is not only knowledgeable but wonderfully positive and helped me with my nutrition, lifestyle, and self-confidence. I can't recommend Kim enough!"

"I was struggling with my weight gain and Kim created a zero judgment space for me."

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