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Welcome to Revive Nutrition! I’m Kim, and I’m here to help you lose weight, break old food rules and give you your starting point for the nutritious lifestyle you crave. Revive works to help you understand your personal, weight loss and nutrition needs. When working with me, you’ll learn to detach from diet culture, better understand the dynamics of your body, and how to work towards a new normal.

A Personalized Approach To Weight Loss With Your Trusted Online Nutrition Coach

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"Working with Kim has helped me to fundamentally change my relationship with food and nutrition - a goal which has eluded me for far too many years.
I am grateful beyond measure."

Hey - busy, professional women! Stop here to learn how to feel more energetic and make nutrition an easy part of your life to manage. I can help you if you just want to feel good in your skin… if you’re tired of not knowing when, what or how to eat… if you’re overwhelmed by diet culture and want lasting results that become your lifestyle…if you don’t care that the approach isn't focused on fads, but rather that it actually works.

I never want you to say 'well, it worked when I worked with Kim' because if I’m doing my job right, you won’t need me forever and it’ll keep working with the habits you've built. 

P.S. I take insurance or you can book with me privately!

Who do I help?

Hi, I’m Kim, the owner of Revive Nutrition! I’ve helped hundreds of clients lose weight, have 10 years of industry experience and the credentials to back it all up. I’m passionate about sharing an adaptable, knowledgeable, non-judgmental approach to weight loss.

My goal is to make sure that your lifestyle and habits align with your goals in a healthy way. Plus, I’m also a woman who has had many of these struggles myself. I get it, and you’re not alone. You’ll receive compassion, empathy and some tough-loving honesty from me along the way.

I live and work in beautiful Boston, but I’ve worked hard to expand my business to help women across the country through a fully virtual practice. Because I take licensing seriously, I’m only able to accept clients in certain states. See if yours is on the list!

Get to Know Kim, Your Virtual Nutritionist

Looking to get clear on all things nutrition without the hassle of appointments? Say no more, fam. These downloads are the perfect fit for the weight loss nutrition DIY-er. 

DIY Downloads

I've made a bit of a habit as a wellness speaker, joining company lunch and learn sessions, in graduate school classrooms and to dietitian groups over the last three years. Help your employees and students further their health.

 Corporate Wellness Speaker & Guest Lecture

One-on-one, personalized nutrition coaching every week to help you reach your goals. Whether you don’t know where to start or you’re looking for regular accountability and support, this is personalized weight loss counseling for you. 

1:1 Virtual Weight Loss Coach

Over the last decade in the field, I’ve seen diet trends come and go. Fine-tuning what and when you eat is only part of the puzzle. The Revive 'Reform in Four' process has clients feeling clear, more energetic, and pounds lighter. As a lifestyle medicine program, we will take a whole-body approach to your weight loss journey by focusing on targeted blood sugar control and strategic behavior change.

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She listened to all my goals while providing her own input. I knew Revive Nutrition was different because they cater to each unique client. Kim always encouraged me and built my confidence up. She is truly the best! 

"From our first phone call, I knew Kim was the one to help me."


Going into our first session, I thought that I knew quite a lot about how to have a healthy diet. I left blown away by how making little changes in my routine could make a huge difference in how I felt overall! I appreciated how thoroughly Kim explained everything to me, as well as how available she makes herself to her clients.

"I was left blown away after my first session."


Kim took the specific problems I was trying to fix, and helped me create a personalized plan that fit both my needs and my schedule. She kept things simple and easy for my busy lifestyle, and did not make me feel like I needed to sacrifice anything for my health. 

"Within just our first meeting, it was clear Kim wanted me to feel my best"

Summer BBQs, fall tailgates, winter holidays, and spring wedding season. Trust me, I’ve heard it all. Maybe it’s not that it’s never a ‘good time’ to start losing weight, but that you haven’t found the right action plan that lets you lose weight while enjoying the fun of the full year.

I think a lot of times we, as women, discredit ourselves and what we are truly capable of doing. You don’t have to do this alone.  I won’t let you feel isolated or deprived.

I’ve worked with so many women and seen what’s possible when they made simple, yet significant, lifestyle changes without drastic dieting or canceling all social plans. My guidance helped them get there. 

Now let me help you!  It’s time you started feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

From your registered dietitian with love, 
Kim Sabada MS, RD, LDN, CDCES

Read this before you go.

There’s Never A ‘Good Time’ To Start Losing Weight

Initial appointments will involve looking at current and old eating habits, preferences and beliefs. We will review your day-to-day lifestyle and begin to explore changes we can start making that’ll move you towards your health goals.

Follow ups will include reworking our plan and any restructuring that may be needed based on what’s going on in your life that day, week or month. 

What do appointments entail?

Initial nutrition coaching sessions are up to 60 minutes, follow ups are 30-45 minutes. 

How long are appointments?

All major credit cards and health savings plans are accepted.

How do I pay?

Revive Nutrition accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts and Allways Health Partners. 

Do you take my insurance?

Nutrition coaching is 100% virtual at this time using Zoom – launched through my HIPPA-compliant patient portal. 

Where are you located?


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