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I get that. Sometimes all you need is a straightforward roadmap and that's exactly what these downloads are here for!

Below are materials originally created for my group program (Real Results), that can now be yours! Add these DIY wellness guides to your weight loss and nutrition toolbox to help you lose weight safely - starting now. 

Not everyone needs me.

The Downloads 

10 websites Kim goes to religiously for meal/recipe inspo. Simple ingredients and prep methods required.  All hyperlinked and ready for you to explore now. 

The Freebie
RN Recipe Resource Guide

So you've got the food part down. You know how to eat for your body, fuel yourself through the day and make healthy choices. But the day-to-day behavioral components are lacking from your routine. Bundle includes:

  • Workout Worksheet - Four key considerations to review when selecting a new work out & finding one you like. 
  • Sleep Hygiene Guide - Eight pro tips to getting a better, more restful night's sleep.  Backed by science, tested by me. 
  • Exercise Tip Sheet  - Five simple pointers for getting to getting started and staying there week after week. 
  • Mindset Worksheet - This is a new client onboarding staple! Five important questions you should be asking yourself weekly. 

Lifestyle Bundle 

It's the perfect fit for those who need more or new ideas in the kitchen.

Looking to get clear on all things nutrition without the hassle of appointments? I got you. Bundle includes:
  • Recipe Resource Guide - 10 websites I go to religiously for meal/recipe inspo. Simple ingredients and prep methods required. 
  • Recipe Kick Starter - 3 breakfasts, 3 lunch and 3 dinners. Recipes tested and loved by myself and my clients. 
  • Grocery List  - This tried and true list is perfect when you're unsure where to start and/or need a restock. Includes whole grains, fresh produce, healthy fats & animal + plant proteins 
  • Sample Meal Plan  (see above)

Nutrition Bundle 

Seven days. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners. This meal plan is filled with simple yet flavorful ideas that are sure to satisfy anyone. Don't feel you have to follow start to finish though, use it for ideas. Weave in your own go-to's and stretch the 7 day plan out over time! 

It's the perfect fit for those who like to be told what to eat. Available for regular and vegetarian diets. 

Sample Meal Plan

The Downloads

Three bonus recipes included!
*Vegetarian version includes vegetarian Recipe Kick Starter and Meal Plan

This 30+ page E-Book has it all.  Need an overhaul on diet, exercise, sleep and mindset. It's all outlined and reviewed here.  Includes:
  • Key Food Groups - what are we prioritizing and why?
  • Snacking 101 - 2 crucial rules and 15+ ideas
  • 15 New Breakfast Options
  • Label Reading - Added Sugar Tips 
  • Nutrition Bundle Materials*
  • Lifestyle Bundle Materials 

The RN reboot E-book

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